RDP Rules

Learn more about our RDP Rules which are must to be followed

RDP Rules Must Be Followed

How to use RDP (Remote Desktop) Account

Please Read These Rules Carefully, You must follow these rules!

  • You are only allowed to use 20-30TB bandwidth per month!
  • You cannot use more than 50% CPU on Encoding RDP continuously! You need to rest after Encoding for 1-2 hours continuously!
  • Dont Rar/Unrar More than one file at one time!!
  • Dont Download more than 5GB files on IDM/Mipony/Jdownloader Or anyother downloading tool you are using in your Account.For Example Your are downloading a file of 4.5GB or 5 x 1GB Files via your Download manager then dont Put anyother download in your Download Manager until the one you started was completed.
  • Same with torrents if you are downloading a torrent size of 5GB or More than 5GB then use only one torrent to download/Seed, Dont Put Much Heavier Torrents like 50GB or 100GB if these torrents founded then your Account would be Disabled.
  • Dont Upload/Seed Public Torrents, If any user found Uploading/Seeding a Public Torrent then Account will be terminated As soon as we found it.
  • Good Practice don't use Multi-threading For example your are extracting 5GB of file and at the same time you are downloading from IDM, And in the same time you are uploading via zoom or via Ftp. These Things cause server to respond Slow or Too Long
  • Dont Use C Drive if any of your files Will be Found at C drive will be deleted. So please double check you are using your Own drive than C drive
  • Change your IDM (Internet Download Managner) temporary files directory from C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\IDM to your allotted/assigned drive.
  • Do not use C:\ drive for any program temporary/cache files.
  • Only One Encode at a time is allowed on Encoding RDP, if found doing more than One Encode then Account will be Suspended.
  • Be friendly with server don't Annoy other users by using any abusive activity on server if you abuse resources, other users including you will be affected Then No one can use RDP smoothly.
  • Please understand that meaning of Unlimited Bandwidth is always use under fair Usage Policy that means under Shared RDP one user can't use Bandwidth 24/7/365, If we see you are using Bandwidth 24/7/365 then consider it as server abuse and your account can be suspended or terminated any-time due to nature of your bandwidth violation!

Bannable Offenses RDP (Remote Desktop)

  • Strictly Not Allowed: DDOS, Hacking, Cracking, Mass-Mailing, Port Scanning.
  • Strictly Not Allowed: Proxy/VPN, OBS, Xsplit, jingling, hitleap, botting.
  • Running a cryptocoin miner, it is not possible nor allowed.
  • Running programs which impacts the quality of service of other customers.
  • Insulting, threatening or otherwise being rude with staff members is strictly forbidden.
  • Seeding public trackers/torrents is not allowed.
  • Running programs that take up an unfair share of system resources.
  • Storage and/or distribution of child pornography is strictly forbidden.
  • Virus, Spyware, Malware, or any other infectious material and distributing viruses, worms and trojan horses.
  • Using the (C:) drive for personal storage, it is not intended to be used for such, please use your own personal designated drive.
  • Opening a deal dispute without trying to solve your problems through our ticket system will result in immediate denial of service and revoke any possibility you may have of getting a refund.
  • Using VPN connection which change our default connection + IP is not allowed. If you use this, then your account may get suspended.
  • Using E-mail spamming tools is strictly forbidden.
  • Hacking, Phising Sites, Cracking Programs, Gambling.
  • Virtual Machines are disallowed and cannot be provided.
  • Cancelling your current services and re-ordering new services just to get promo discount is not allowed.

Disallowed Tools / Programs / Activities RDP (Remote Desktop)

  • Bots not allowed for example ThemaPoster, ThemaCreator or any other program, Please ask support.
  • Anything that consumes higher CPU, RAM or network resources are not accepted.
  • DDos Script like perl or Layer 7 or similar. Please ask if you do not understand this.
  • Any activities related with Botnets are disallowed on our server.
  • Usage of Encoding tools on Non-Encoding RDP plans is strictly forbidden.
  • Attacking, Spamming, abusing or anything generates report from service provider are disallowed or not be accepted.
  • You can't use other than Store compression method when using WinRAR in RDP (Remote Desktop).
  • We will not replace your RDP if RDP ip is blocked in XYZ websites.

How to use WinRAR in RDP (Remote Desktop)

  • When you RAR files, use store method it is fastest and your files would be Archived in few seconds.
  • You can't use other than Store method in RDP (Remote Desktop).

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